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Making the correct decision choosing the best appropriate treatments for you is easy for our specialists to determine after an initial consultation. After your short consultation you can choose what treatments may be best suited to your body and lifestyle. For example

  1. Anti Ageing Treatments
  2. IPL Hair Removal
  3. Botox
  4. Dermal Fillers like Restylane
  5. Treatment of Acne Rosacea


What Our Clients Say

  • I can't thank Annabelle at Bella Derma enough. I have felt conscious of my birthmark all my life, people commenting on it etc. Now it has been treated so I no longer have people staring at me. What a difference it has made to my confidence. Amazing treatments and expertly carried out.

    -L. Charlton

  • Annabelle Lande has helped me remain as young looking as possible! Regular visits ensure my skin helps looks as good as it can! An eye for detail and extremely professional, I can't recommend Annabelle enough. Thanks so much. LB

    -Mrs Bernstein

  • Jade Sommerville is the ONLY person I visit to for my eyebrows. She is amazing, makes such a good job, I am always delighted with them.

    -Lucy Duncan

  • Many thanks to everyone at Bella Derma. My recent visit was a lovely experience. Staff were so friendly and professional, and I had a brilliant treatment. My skin felt and looked noticably better. Pricing very reasonable too. This is a gem of a salon.

    -Gayle P


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